Employment Law and Compliance


Need your Employer Handbook to be drafted or reviewed? Need to terminate an employee? Unsure about wage and hour policies? We can help.

Employment law compliance is critical to ensuring a nonprofit organization’s health, especially because failure to comply can lead to expensive lawsuits and attorney’s fees, even if the organization was unaware of laws being broken. Some examples of how an employer may be held liable include failing to prevent sexual harassment, failing to provide a reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee, and failing to pay its employees sufficient wages. Employment laws change often, so it is important to make sure employer policies are reviewed often. We can assist employers with the following:

  •  Employment Handbooks and Policies
  •  Termination
  •  Volunteers and Interns
  •  Sexual Harassment
  •  Discrimination
  •  Wage and Hour Compliance
  •  Disability and Leave Law
  •  Employment Contracts
  •  Severance Agreements